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Welcome To Fury Creative

Fury Creative is a digital production firm based in Charleston, SC. We specialize in creating integrated media for small and medium-sized businesses. We also gladly collaborate with marketing firms and advertising agencies on individual projects in support of their clients.

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Integrated Media Is Good For Business

Media becomes integrated when different types of content are developed and presented as part of a unified whole. For a business owner, this means that photography, video production and web design are all produced at the same time, with the intention of being used together.

This common-sense approach eliminates waste, redundancy and mixed messages, while making the most of your time and money. Unfortunately, many businesses fall into the trap of using multiple, uncoordinated vendors for imagery, design work, and online services. Each of these transactions consumes time and resources, while duplicating effort.

It's Easy To Get What You Want

By serving as a one-stop shop, Fury Creative provides a turnkey solution for businesses looking to maximize their marketing dollars. Give us one planning meeting, one day of on-site work, and three weeks of production time, and we'll give you a custom-built suite of digital media that will present your business the way you want it seen. We know how to work effectively, and we will never waste your time.

Budget Friendly

Projects are billed by the job, not by the hour, so you'll never have any unpleasant surprises when you see our invoice. If you're interested in frequently updating your content, we will gladly negotiate a flat monthly retainer for that service.

We Understand Your Business

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Communication is key. We can help you articulate your company's most important messages for a non-technical audience. An overview of your products, a shop tour, or a process explanation can help buyers understand the value of what you offer.

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Bedside manner is important. Your promotional materials are an extension of that bedside manner. Well-made digital media establishes a sense of caring and competence before patients ever set foot in your practice.

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Presentation counts. Whether it's food, decor, amenities, or service, first impressions matter. That's why beautiful imagery of your property, a kitchen tour, or a welcoming message from your GM/chef/sommelier can help guests decide to visit you rather than a competitor.

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Professional Services

Stand out from the crowd. Competition is a fact of life, and your potential customers could easily go somewhere else. High-quality imagery enhances your credibility, supports your brand, and helps to make you the obvious best choice.

Let's Get Started!

It Really Is That Easy

If you're a business owner or marketing pro who likes the idea of a low-friction process and a high-quality product, we'd love to talk to you. To see a few samples of work, check out our portfolio. If you'd prefer to talk to us about your business, please contact us.